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The Story Behind The Name

“Wet Ticket,” refers to the individuals who ran for office during the 1930's with the intent to repeal prohibition. Thankfully, the people spoke, and once elected, the Wet Party candidates went on to help repeal Prohibition. This “for-the-people attitude” will be carried through in everything we do. Our Mission will not only be to create great beers, but to make the brewery itself a destination for all those

seeking to celebrate, learn about, and become a part of the craft beer movement.

We Sell E-Gift Cards

Do you live far away? Can't make it to the brewery? You want to buy that special gift? We now sell gift cards on-line through Square. Safe, easy and hassle free. Click on the link below. 

Hand-crafted Beer

Owned by Tim Pewitt and Al Povalski, Wet Ticket brewing calls Rahway New Jersey home.  Tim is the head brewer and he will brew all of our delicious beer on site.  We have a beautiful tasting room where you can enjoy our beer.

Why Buying
Local Matters

Buying local can mean many different things to people.  For us, it means beer freshly crafted by the people you will get to know at our brewery.   In a way, the interactions you'll have with the people formulating and brewing Wet Ticket beer will shape who we are and what we're all about. 


We really want to differentiate ourselves through this interaction with our customers.  Tell us what you like.   The best part of brewing is taking a different fork in the road.  Describe your road, we'll do our best to walk it with you.


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